The famous Flaming Tar Barrels

Welcome to the official web site of the Ottery St Mary Carnival known worldwide as the home of the now famous Flaming Tar Barrels.

Tar barrel being lifted Welcome to the Tar Barrel Website, it is our intention to go ahead as usual with this year’s events with our Carnival procession on Saturday 18th October 2014 followed by our Flaming Tar Barrels on Wednesday 5th November 2014.

Each year it becomes more difficult to find the money to cover the costs of running this event, our committee works tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds to cover the ever rising expenses. If you attend this year’s event allocate £1 as a donation out of your booze or burger fund and make a point of putting it in one of our many collecting points. If everyone attending the event donated £1, which is not a lot of money to enable you to see one of the country’s premier spectacles, our finances would become a lot healthier.

This year will see even more Marshalls at the barrel locations and they are there to assist in the smooth running of the event and this includes providing assistance to the public. Every year we have complaints from people who have either got in the way of a barrel or had cause to be frightened by the flames. Believe it or not barrels and flames is what the evening is about so if you are not willing to confront the occasional flaming tar barrel stand well away from the area or better still stay at home but please do not complain to us about something you should have checked on before deciding to attend.

Finally we have moved the order of some of the barrels, mainly to try and ensure the free flow of spectators, our programme available on the night will have all the locations listed. If after all this you still decide to attend make sure you check our page on safety and remember you are not there for our benefit, be safe.

Andy Wade
Ottery St Mary Carnival Committee

Main SponsorOtter Brewery logo

Otter Brewery – Flaming Ale

This year Otter have become a main sponsor for the first time and have also brewed an official beer especially for the event – Flaming Ale.

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