Thursday 5th November 2015

Our long-standing tradition is revived every year as fearless men, women and children run through Ottery St Mary carrying blazing tar barrels, while thousands of spectators enjoy the thrill of avoiding the runners!

It is therefore important to note that by 7pm we will be expecting a large number of visitors for the evening tar barrels, which means this part of the programme will not be suitable for pets, small children, persons with limited mobility or anyone who doesn’t like being in a very crowded environment!

Full details of the times and locations of afternoon and evening barrel rolling is available in our Souvenir Programme. Purchasing a programme, as well as offering a donation at our various collecting points on the night, would be greatly appreciated to help meet the significant costs of keeping this fantastic Ottery ritual alive.

Our event takes an enormous amount of time and effort; fund raising and planning year in, year out to ensure that our barrel rollers, and you the spectator, have an enjoyable safe evening.

We have town marshals, barrel marshals, security and volunteers in the area of each barrel. They are there to help you enjoy our tradition, so if you have a problem, a lost child, or want to ask about locations and times speak to any one of them. They are easy to spot in their hi- viz jackets and vests!

They are also there to police and make sure our event runs smoothly. If you are asked to move there is a good reason for it. If you are asked to move to another location please respect their advice and do so calmly and promptly.

Please remember this unique tradition is jealously guarded by the barrel rollers, they have the right to carry the barrels every year and to uphold this tradition. To help them keep this event going for future generations please enjoy it but do not interfere with it! Remember it’s a way of life, as well as a tradition.

So to help us help you, please read the content of our website thoroughly to keep safe and get the most out of this event.

Welcome once again and have an amazing time.

Thank you from the event organisers.